New projects for this winter!

Even tough I find it depressing that we may have to live with all this covid chaos for a long time, I can still find some joy and motivation when thinking about some making/DIY projects for this winter...


Oh yes! I want to play with those Nixie/VFD/Numitrons tubes, and make cool displays and clocks!

Five years ago, I bought a good stock of common russian Nixie tubes, mainly NH-1, NH-2 and NH-12, with a few more precious NH-8.

A few Nixie models from my stock:

I also like VFD (reminds me of my childhood alarm clock), and I discovered recently Numitrons! I found VFD power supply requirements harder to meet than Nixies, while Numitrons are very interesting because they don't require high (and dangerous) voltage levels, they can work at a few Volts.

Here's the VFD kit I ordered on Tindie (

And here are the IV-16 and IV-19 Numitrons i found on ebay: The IV-19 is glowing like that:

Build my own bartop arcade machine!

I really enjoy playing arcade or console games I used to play when I was a child. Nowadays, a pi4 with a CRT screen and the proper set of shaders allow you go back in time and I'd like to build a proper bartop arcade for that purpose.

Maybe something like this?

Woodworking (CNC)

I'm quite a fan of the Nixie clock wood enclosures from the Etsy Nixima shop (

Here's what they look like:

I'd like to be able to make such wood work by myself, with the help of my recently revived CNC...

Build my own custom keyboard!

I recently discovered that trend by watching people building their own mechanical keyboards on twitch...

Here's an example of DIY build from Example of keyboard

Make a spotify music remote/stick

Like this one?

Play with my micropython

Micropython/circuitpython micro-controllers, displays, sensors... It's so fun to program them with python.

I've got a bunch of Lolin/Wemos ESP8266 and ESP32 boards, and they are great to quickly build any kind of IoT stuff...

I also have many Adafruit Trinket M0 boards. Those ones have less space and power than the ESP, but on the other hand, they have native USB, and are able to handle the CircuitPython HID Keyboard and Mouse, and then easily emulate a keyboard or a mouse through USB, all in Python!

I also have loads of I2C sensors and cool displays (OLED, e-ink...) to test, along with 18650 lipo batteries.